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I am a smart, confident, fun loving, caring and honest person. I see life as a big challenge in every aspect and I feel that I am always prepared to face these challenges boldly and with patience. I like listening music, browsing, driving, reading novels and watching TV. I am quite straight forward, respect all and expects too. I have a good sense of humor. I am very soft from inside and feels the pains of others a lot. I am really bothered if anybody tells lie in front of me. I love my work a lot and enjoy it as well. I am a moderate person who can accept faults and is always ready to rectify them or at least suggest a workable and logical via media. I have very few friends who think that I am jolly, fun-loving and a loving person. I prefer and love putting on T shirt. I cannot live without my computer (which helps me a lot in life ), TV and my car. I also prefer to stay at home but like to socialize occasionally. My greatest ambition is to rise high in my profession. I do believe in clean and sincere relationships. I always trust others till the time they prove otherwise. I am a self-made person. I have had a very bitter experience of life in numerous occasions which had hurt me a lot and can??t afford to avail any more chances. I have full faith on myself and similarly respect others also in their respective faiths. in nutshell, I am a easygoing. Loves to stay at home with my loved ones, if I have any. i am a staff sergeant in the US military and i am looking for some one who is honesty loving and caring and she is ready to go into the adventures with me,i mean i need some one who will love me and my wonderful kids.To me, romance means a woman that has what is called the old fashion values. Opening doors for me, sending flowers for no apparent reason but to say that he was thinking of you or sending flowers on holidays that flowers are just about tradition (i.e Valentines day, Anniversaries). A woman that shares his feelings (saying I Love You), you get

What I am looking for

I am looking for a woman... someone who can share in the fun times and the not so fun times. Someone I can't wait to talk to each day... the first person on my mind each day and the last person I think about before I fall asleep. This person doesn't have to have the exact, same interests as I, but be willing to join in on the adventures. If you are a woman of integrity, honest, likes to communicate feelings, and knows about being wild at heart. I am a pretty centered person, happy with myself, but believe there is always room for growth. My co workers and friends tell me I am a "go-getter" type of person. I look at the world from a "glass half full" perspective and always try to find the good in everyone. I am told that I am intelligent, funny and Good to be around. I am looking for a healthy relationship. I deserve that. I am looking for someone who doesn't play games. I am a big believer in telling it like it is, except if it would hurt someone. I am interested in someone who has the time to devote to a relationship or who will at least try to make the time, as I would. Honesty is my ONLY policy. Nothing is worse than finding out that a relationship is based on lies. I am very interested in taking good care of myself and would like to find someone who believes in the same thing. I exercise several times a week and would love to have a workout partner.Employment is an absolute.I am not a materialistic person. but I am at a point in my life where I am interested in someone who is financially stable and responsible. I love getting dressed up, having my hair done, and in general looking good for my woman . My siblings always says "If you think you are a prince, you are".DISTANCE DOES NOT MATTER TO ME IN A RELATIONSHIP NEITHER DO AGE,BECAUSE I DON'T MIND RELOCATING FOR THE RIGHT WOMAN